Our Mission

The Carl David Richardson Foundation’s mission is to empower youth-at-risk and parents by providing them with the necessary skills needed to resolve conflict successfully and teach them to respect each other, while promoting awareness and peaceful techniques that fosters a safe environment for all.
Our Goal: To create a venue that educates youth-at-risk on how to harness anger and how to engage in effective conflict resolution topics in a comfortable and non-judgmental open dialogue. To conduct conflict resolution seminars and workshops that directs the attention of youth-at-risk towards understanding peaceful processes and the alternative to non-violent methods of resolution.

Early Intervention Program The Carl David Richardson Foundation, Inc. Early Intervention Program’s goal is to identify and assess, as early as possible, those infants and toddlers, birth to three, with questionable development as well as to provide each eligible family…

The Men’s Support Group initiative will focus on providing mechanisms and offering strategies to help men overcome daily struggles and lead happier and more productive lives. Our Men’s Program is specifically designed to mimic real-life experiences, focusing…

Women Helping Women Empowerment Group (WHWEG) was formed to celebrate the power, wisdom and resilience of women. We offer transformative education, support and space for women to gather, share experiences and think critically and creatively about what it means to be women living in a culture where senseless violence is the norm.

The Conflict Resolution Program focus on providing tips for resolving conflict and steps in Managing Conflict. CDR Foundation conflict resolution methods are developed to bring peaceful conclusions to any form of conflict.  This approach emphasizes on the process of behaviors and transitional tactics…


The Carl David Richardson Foundation, Inc. (CDR Foundation) was founded in April 2014 as a response to the untimely death of Carl David Richardson; who passed away during an altercation that could have been avoided if conflict resolution was available at the time. CDR Foundation’s aim is to educate people on how to resolve conflicts peacefully, deter negative responses to conflict and thereby form positive outcomes. CDR Foundation has developed and implemented positive responses to conflict through motivational speeches, seminars and workshops.

The CDR Foundation, Inc. was formed in remembrance of Carl David Richardson by his parents. Carl faced an untimely death at the age of nineteen when he refused to be bullied. The Carl David Richardson Foundation now caters to the community in hopes of eradicating negative response to conflict while promoting empowerment. Conflict is a part of our everyday lives and it can be considered to be normal, however, the ability to handle conflict with maturity, peace and professionalism can easily change a negative response to conflict into a positive future. The CDR Foundation feels that by learning the skills needed for successful conflict resolution and teaching them to others, we can save lives and create a safer environment for all.

Giving back

Since the death of Carl David Richardson, the family has been committed to helping communities and getting young people to participate in positive activities.