Our Conflict Resolution Program is specifically designed to address real-life situations, while focusing on Emotional Intelligence, Understanding Others, Assertiveness, Active Listening and most importantly knowing your limitations. The Program will use a number of powerful Strategies, Crisis Negotiation Situations and how to handle Cultural Differences in our communities and families. While Conflict arises for a variety of different reasons, it is important for you to define clearly your own position and interests in any conflicting situation and to understand those of your opponent.



Conflict Resolution

The Carl David Richardson Foundation, Inc., Conflict Resolution Program focus on providing tips for resolving conflict and steps in Managing Conflict. CDR Foundation conflict resolution methods are developed to bring peaceful conclusions to any form of conflict.  This approach emphasizes on the process of behaviors and transitional tactics. They are used to help commit disputing parties to mutually acceptable positions, and to build enlarged relationships of trust. Conflict resolution is directed at understanding conflict processes and alternative non-violent methods to help disagreeing individuals reach a comfortable solution that resolves their differences. Resolution is at the heart of the mission of peacefully coming to terms with conflict.



Our Focus will address these pointers:

  • What is Conflict Resolution?
  • Why should you resolve Conflict?
  • When should you resolve Conflict?
  • How should you resolve Conflict?


Let us learn how to resolve conflict!