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About the Foundation


The Carl David Richardson Foundation, Inc. (CDR Foundation) was founded in April 2014 as a response to the untimely death of Carl David Richardson; who passed away during an altercation that could have been avoided if conflict resolution was available at the time. CDR Foundation's aim is to educate people on how to resolve conflicts peacefully, deter negative responses to conflict and thereby form positive outcomes. CDR Foundation has developed and implemented positive responses to conflict through motivational speeches, seminars and workshops.


The CDR Foundation, Inc. was formed in remembrance of Carl David Richardson by his parents. Carl faced an untimely death at the age of nineteen when he refused to be bullied. The Carl David Richardson Foundation now caters to the community in hopes of eradicating negative response to conflict while promoting empowerment. Conflict is a part of our everyday lives and it can be considered to be normal, however, the ability to handle conflict with maturity, peace and professionalism can easily change a negative response to conflict into a positive future. The CDR Foundation feels that by learning the skills needed for successful conflict resolution and teaching them to others, we can save lives and create a safer environment for all.



CDR Foundation Inc. also offers a Women Helping Women Program (WHW).

Women Helping Women is a group founded in October 2005 by Johann Richardson, a woman on a mission. When she first started the group, Johann’s vision was to provide a forum that would offer women the opportunity to share their experiences and find support and encouragement from one another on matters such as finances, relationships, work and family related issues. Women Helping Women wishes to empower women to develop their full potential and to take a lead in making changes that will positively impact the present and future generations.


WHW has had many positive results thanks to the contributions of speakers who have addressed the group. Some of these speakers were everyday women who simply shared their life experiences and others were community leaders focused on developing a positive change. The open discussions have helped the participants tremendously. On March 27, 2014, Johann’s life was impacted forever by the senseless murder of her 19-year old son, Carl David Richardson. One of her son’s favorite quotes was, “We rise by lifting others.” Johann’s desire is to live up to this ideal by reaching out to all women who need support including those who may have gone through similar experiences and by having a genuine impact on our society. Women Helping Women has helped its founder, as well as many other women in the community, to cope with and rebuild from financial, mental and emotional hardships.


Women Helping Women now has the following purpose:


1. To help and support women nationally

2. To reflect and make proposals on how to address issues that negatively affect our communities

3. To create, implement and be involved in positive community changes.