Men Support Group

The Carl David Richardson Foundation, Inc., Men’s Initiative will focus on providing mechanisms and offering strategies to help men overcome daily struggles and lead happier and more productive lives. Our Men’s Program is specifically designed to mimic real-life experiences, focusing equally on the daily expectations of real life struggles as well as the importance of personal happiness. The Program will allow for personal development, expanding skill sets, promoting independence, self-empowerment and self-love.

In today’s times, men have become somewhat of the bull’s eye of America. We will uplift and support them 100 percent as they continue along their life’s journeys.

Planned events and programs:

  • Men’s breakfast
  • Men’s rap session
  • Men’s game night with children
  • Men’s job referral program
  • Men’s brotherhood awareness program
  • Men’s dress for success program
  • Men’s family life program
  • The role of father in today’s society
  • The role of husband in today’s society

Meet our men


Orane Golding

Manager of Men’s Support Group

In charge of recruitment of men into the group


Carl Richardson

Director of Men’s Support Group

I bring a lifetime of experience to offer to men of all ages on day to day life challenges.